IPTO: In OTE and NOKIA the modernization of the telecommunication infrastructures

IPTO: In OTE and NOKIA the modernization of the telecommunication infrastructures

IPTO assigned to OTE Group and NOKIA the task of modernizing the telecommunications infrastructure to meet the energy management needs, amounting to 16 million euros. The project has a completion horizon of six years and is part of the Manager’s strategy for modernization and digitization of its infrastructure.

Among other things, it will contribute to the security of the network, the protection of the electricity infrastructure and will support the digital transition and the gradual transition to the Smart Grid.

The Deputy General Manager of Financial Services of IPTO, Iason Roussopoulos, stated: “The modernization of the critical telecommunications infrastructure and services of IPTO is part of the new strategy of the Manager to be transformed into a technology company utilizing its infrastructure and know-how. The companies OTE and NOKIA are among the most established players in their industry and we are particularly satisfied with the alliance we have achieved in order for our project to be implemented with technical perfection and time accuracy “.

Lykourgos Antonopoulos, ICT Director of OTE Group, stated: “Today technology offers possibilities that until yesterday we could not have imagined. Especially for large companies that manage infrastructure, such as IPTO, can make a decisive contribution to the monitoring and management of networks in real time, adding to flexibility, security and quality of services. Especially the solutions that use the technological possibilities of the Internet of Things can transform the energy networks into Smart Grid. The contribution of the OTE Group in this project confirms our position in the market as a reliable partner, with high know-how. We stand by every business and organization, public or private, that wants to enter the new digital age. “

Konstantinos Koronaios, General Manager of Nokia Greece, said: “We are really happy that IPTO has chosen Nokia, together with OTE, as its technology partners for this important transformation of its telecommunications network. This is the first project of this scale in a critical infrastructure network in the country, which aims at the complete modernization of the existing telecommunications infrastructure of IPTO and its transformation into a state-of-the-art technology network. Nokia IP / MPLS solution as well as the related services we offer for power transmission networks, guarantee the functionality and flexibility required to meet the needs of the project and to give the maximum to IPTO services “.