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Services your business needs to grow in 2021

Are you feeling that more of your time is spent on areas at work that aren’t beneficial to you or the company’s growth? You’re not alone. A large percentage of business owners and businesses feel that they’re spending too much time on managing things that simply don’t grow their business. It is time to re-look at how you spend your time at work and see which areas you can optimize so you can focus on your strengths to boost your business.

Don’t battle with switching between energy providers each week. Don’t stress about your company’s energy usage or search for ways to optimize that area of your business. That is one area that you can easily outsource. Which energy company offers the best customer service, plans that suit businesses and offer competitive services? Reading reviews and insights of actual customers as shared on platforms such as Reviews Bird will help you make better-informed decisions on which companies are with investing your time into, which offer the best value, and which will help your company to actually make better use of your energy supply or offer renewable energy sources to take your business to the next level.

Streamline and optimize the roles played by your staff. One such key area is to outsource your phone service. This important point of contact between your company and your customers needs to be reliable, professional and seamless. Sometimes, your staff might be engrossed in a task that won’t allow them to answer the phone timeously or be able to assist a customer as fully as they would wish, and this could cost the company in sales. By outsourcing this service, you can free up your staff to complete their core functions and thereby also create a first line of customer support by being able to route the call to the most appropriate person or department for prompt assistance. Computerized software can take messages, send emails with reminders and notes to the necessary departments for followup and can also help to capture the caller’s information to better assist them in their needs.

Another time-consuming and productivity draining task is payroll and payroll administration. From invoicing customers to handling incoming invoices from suppliers, and paying wages and salaries of staff, the level of administration required to successfully attend to these matters is enormous. There is software that can help you generate invoices in a matter of seconds instead of tens of minutes, can help you to track employee work hours and leave, and set up easy-to-process payments for wages and salaries. There are other software applications that can manage your taxes and auditing needs, while you can also outsource the entire function to an accounting and payroll specialist for professional service and advice.


If your business is retail, logistics may be one of the sources of your daily headaches at work. Outsourcing your logistics to a third party will eliminate the hands-on requirements of this time-consuming function so that your company and staff can concentrate on selling. From stocking to warehousing and delivery, a logistics partner will also lower your overall spend through their improved efficiency of those roles.