Roanoke Regional Partnership releases strategic plan for economic growth | Local News

Thrive 2027 Roanoke Regional Partnership

The Roanoke Regional Partnership on Wednesday released its five-year strategic plan, Thrive 2027.

The plan outlines strategies to support the region’s economic growth. The partnership worked with Ernst & Young Economic Development Advisory Services to put together the plan.

Four areas of priority were identified: economic growth and innovation, talent attraction and workforce development, commercial real estate and infrastructure, and place making and livability.

John Hull, executive director of the partnership, said one of the biggest takeaways is the emphasis on collaborating with partners in each of these priority areas. He gave working with regional tourism group Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge on place making and livability as an example.

“I think it’s continuing and building and finding ways to synergize with other organizations so that we’re all pulling ahead in the same direction and we can build on each other’s efforts, do it more efficiently and raise the profile of the Roanoke region,” Hull said.

While some of the tactics outlined in the plan, such as marketing efforts aimed at attracting young, skilled talent or promoting the outdoor recreation available, are familiar, others stem from new objectives or areas of attention.

Hull said commercial real estate and infrastructure was elevated to its own priority area, rather than falling under the umbrella of business investment.